Watch this News…. and you will Understand, How Srilankan Government and Indian Media are trying to cheat the people of World. The objective of SLA is to divert the attention of International Bodies from Civilians being killed by SLA just by spreading this FALSE Prabhakaran’s death news.

If you don’t understand TAMIL, here is the Jist.
The body shown is not prabhakaran’s cos of the following reasons.
1. He doesn’t have big eyebrows, but the dead body has two big.
2. Prabhakaran is already 54 and the dead body looks like 40 years, with soft clean shaven skin.
2. If his body was taken from water only yesterday morning, how can they do a DNA test in 3 hrs, which generally takes 3-4 days
3. Day 1 SLA said, they killed the Tamil leader, when he was fleeing in an ambulance, but now, they are taken this body from deep waters.

Anyways…. He will show BACK that he is ALIVE.


~ by peeveeads on May 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “PrabhakaranOfEelamIsAlive-News”

  1. He is dead! No matter how hard u try u can’t make him alive! If u want proof that the body has been in water just look at is hands! It’s all wrinkled up because of the water! And do look at his chin, it is devided just like the one he had when he was alive! it is genatic! There is no point telling u people what a terrorist he is cause u won’t ever understand cause u all are in ure fantasize worlds! U don’t even care about ure own people! Shame! Go on, try to live a dream of a killer but we’ll rebuilt our country with all Sri Lankans together!

  2. Thanks Mr. Thi. We all know what he did to our People and also know what Sinhala-Buddhist Srilankan did to them as well. So, when a Rebel does something its killing and if its by a government, its a war is it?

    Please STOP sharing this FALSE PROPAGANDA at least from NOW. Lets keep this as a Situation. Let Prabhakaran be DEAD. Whats that the SL Government have in Store for the TAMILS? Equal share in the country? Will you guys stop calling it a Sinhala-buddhist country? Will you scrap Sinhala Only Order? or Will you allow a Tamil to come to the highest power of the country? Or will you take the responsibility of Building a NEW TAMIL EELAM. RAJAPAKSA and Brothers are not even ready for one of these points.

    Time will answer. Lets wait and see.

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